Make any Christmas Tree Fabulous

We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas time, and there’s a push to be “festive”. Get into the Christmas Spirit with this handy tutorial. (note: You should only ever mix Isopropyl Alcohol and electronics. You should never mix Isopropyl Alcohol and Coke. Iso is *not* a suitable vodka alternative.) First, start with a £5 Christmas Tree […]

Transfer UK domains from Easyspace – the affordable way

I have used Easyspace for over 15 years in one way or another. When I first started registering domain names with them, they were affordable and fairly reliable. As seems to be the case far too often these days, the relationship with the supplier became somewhat poor. I have two main issues with Easyspace. The […]

ticketmaster hack image

Ticketmaster hack – a review.

Over the past few days, the global ticket and events site Ticketmaster have been e-mailing their customers to let them know their details have been compromised following a hack. It seems that anyone who bought a ticket via the site between February and June 2018 is likely to have had their data compromised. As well […]

anti-spam logo with No Entry superimposed

Anti-Spam has gone too far

I don’t generally view it as being “good business practice” to slate other companies. I have strong opinons on some of the “global providers”, which I may share in polite company. However, today I have reached the final straw. It is the straw that has broken the proverbial camels back, and I am now speaking […]

raspbian logo

Raspbian Emergency Mode (USB Hard Disk)

Rasperry Pi devices are becoming ever more common, as teaching tools, as playthings, and as controllers for various things (be it a physical device, service, or the ‘Internet of Things’). Unfortunately, at times they can be difficult to debug. The community is supported by a dedicated group of amateurs with varying levels of experience. When […]

image of physical infrastructure

New Hosting Environment!

We have recently improved our (already fantastic) hosting capabilities. As a result, we are now able to offer an expanded portfolio of services. Keeping with out philosophy of “keeping it local”, we have made the following changes: Purchased dedicated hardware (from a local company) to run Two Up IT’s hosting services Moved that server in […]

Welcome, .radio!

We are pleased to offer the following packages for Radio Amateurs. We are also offering discounted packages to Radio Clubs and Societies. Please note: We will only supply packages to Licenced Amateurs. Clubs, Societies and Groups must be affliated with a relevant national body such as RSGB or hold a legitimate Club Call Sign to […]

Firewall Analysis

I’ve been doing some “First Defence” analysis of the Two Up firewall. I was trying to work out the best way to visualise the data. I started with Pie Charts, then Bar Graphs. Whilst this was good for representing the larger chunks of data (Country, mostly), standard 2-D graphing meant the smaller parts were inconveniently […]

Pi as an OpenOCD JTAG dongle

I have been looking at problems with our WiFi at home. The Access Point is located in a fairly poor place in terms of radio propagation, so the network is extended over cable, using a second AP to increase coverage. The second AP is running a WRT variant, but it’s not working very well. I […]