Transfer UK domains from Easyspace – the affordable way

I have used Easyspace for over 15 years in one way or another. When I first started registering domain names with them, they were affordable and fairly reliable. As seems to be the case far too often these days, the relationship with the supplier became somewhat poor. I have two main issues with Easyspace. The […]

image of physical infrastructure

New Hosting Environment!

We have recently improved our (already fantastic) hosting capabilities. As a result, we are now able to offer an expanded portfolio of services. Keeping with out philosophy of “keeping it local”, we have made the following changes: Purchased dedicated hardware (from a local company) to run Two Up IT’s hosting services Moved that server in […]

Imagining in 3D

In my spare time, I like playing with maps. It is quite amazing just how much information you can portray in a simple image. You can reference volumes, places, differences – you can even create heat maps if you like. I’ve not moved any of my 2D maps over to the playground yet, but I […]

Social Graphing

I have recently revisited ways to visualise large, and complex data sets. As well as “traditional data”, I’ve ventured into “Social Graphing” too. This is the process of analysing data from Social Networks, and joining the dots to visualise links and interactions. This incredibly intricate data can be quickly assessed and categorised, highlighting areas of […]

Scamware, Scareware – BEWARE!

The influence for todays post comes from the Facebook Advert shown above. When using “reputable” sites, we expect the site owner to look after us. Of course, that’s a false expectation – a site owner using advertising as a revenue stream is really only protecting one thing: Their bottom line. Instead of scaring you into […]

The importance of e-mail security

The most recent Ransomware to hit the streets, Maktub, encrypts your files in seconds. The main infection vector – the e-terrorist’s favourite – Email. Fake invoice letters were sent out, following the compromise of at least one online database. Those who opened documents / clicked on links were infected. Several organisations reputations are in danger, […]

First Post

So, it seems that a good place to start any IT blog is with a post about Security. The Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police – Essentially Great Britain’s most Senior Law Enforcement Officer – suggested that victims of bank fraud should not be reimbursed for their losses. Why? Because clearly victims of fraud have […]


Welcome to the inaugral Two Up I.T. Blog post. Over time, this should become a tagged repository of tips, resources, views and links to interesting articles or projects. You are welcome to Register and Comment, however your first comments will be moderated to ensure you are not a spambot. I will not unreasonably deny an […]