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New Hosting Environment!

We have recently improved our (already fantastic) hosting capabilities. As a result, we are now able to offer an expanded portfolio of services. Keeping with out philosophy of “keeping it local”, we have made the following changes:

  • Purchased dedicated hardware (from a local company) to run Two Up IT’s hosting services
  • Moved that server in to a datacentre in Greater Manchester

For existing customers, this means an even better response rate for your website. The new server provides more power, and the new datacentre environment provides more bandwidth – and it won’t affect the price you pay! We are also now able to provide individual Virtual Servers, as well as Dedicated Hosts.

We are also able to accommodate “High Availability” services. If you need a virutal server that needs to remain available 99% of the month (we need the 1% to allow for scheduled updates and any extreme outage beyond our control), we can do it.

Simply put: We can now fulfil any hosting needs you may have!

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