Support and Consultancy

Comprehensive on-site and remote support solutions. No limitations on manufacturer/device/network – if we can support it, we will!. With 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience over 4 sectors (Education, Local Government, Small Business, Global Corporate), Two Up IT inherits an impressive resume. We think in 1’s and 0’s, but we speak plain English.

Beyond Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Hosting, we have a wealth of experience in Office and Data Centre Relocations, New Site commissioning, Team Leading, Mentoring and Training. We can also provide assistance and support in recovering failing departments; many issues “creep in”, leading to service and resource sprawl.

As well as being hideously inneficient financially, it is also likely having a hidden impact in terms of time / human resource. Cumulatively, this makes issues more difficult to deal with at the first line, causing IT Support to fail. Users become upset, and before you know it there’s a mini-war going on and a “them and us” mentality sets in. We help break that cycle by analysing your current resources and satisfaction levels. Once we’ve established that, we will work with you to identify key areas for improvement and provide one-on-one and team coaching with your IT Team to achieve these targets. Not only could we save you money, our services are more reasonably priced than you may think!