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Infrastructure solutions and support need to be reliable and affordable when you’re starting out. We know this from experience – we had to go through the same process as any other startup. We are experts in minimum downtime Data Centre relocation and Virtualisation. We set out in 2013 to bring reliable, low-cost hosting services to Start-Up, Community Interest and Micro Businesses. We achieved this by leveraging third-party “Virtual Private Servers (VPS)”.

Since then, we have improved the service we offer by moving to our own dedicated hardware. In turn, this has allowed us to start offering “Virtual Private Servers”. We can offer VPS hosts from 2 to 32 cores, and up to 128GB of RAM. Unlike other providers, if you have signed up for a 12 Month Contract, we will also provide you with our Year 2 pricing guarantee.

We also offer a range of speeds (from 0.5Mb/s to 50Mb/s). We can also offer dedicated servers. This is available on a “rack and service” basis with remote hands (or accompanied access to our partner datacentre), or “server rental” with flexible management options. As with all of our services, we provide competetive pricing based on affordability – we work with each of our customers to provide the best service possible at a price they can afford.

We also have a range of low-cost fixed-price solutions for small and micro businesses (previously our “Mercury Hosting” product). All services are available with a “Year 2 Price Renewal Guarantee”. When you sign up, we will tell you what your renewal cost will be in 12 Months time – allowing you to budget your IT expenditure well in advance. If your requirements are likely to change before your renewal, we will advise you when this becomes the case, allowing you to grow your infrastructure with your business.

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