4G Hacked

Hacked: 4G

Following on from the Ticketmaster hack, the latest hacked news brings us something not only significantly more technical, but fortunately (for now) less achievable. However, less achievable doesn’t mean unachievable. The tehnology in question is ubiquitous – millions of us use it every day. It’s just there, running all the time on our mobile phones. […]

ticketmaster hack image

Ticketmaster hack – a review.

Over the past few days, the global ticket and events site Ticketmaster have been e-mailing their customers to let them know their details have been compromised following a hack. It seems that anyone who bought a ticket via the site between February and June 2018 is likely to have had their data compromised. As well […]

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Anti-Spam has gone too far

I don’t generally view it as being “good business practice” to slate other companies. I have strong opinons on some of the “global providers”, which I may share in polite company. However, today I have reached the final straw. It is the straw that has broken the proverbial camels back, and I am now speaking […]

Scamware, Scareware – BEWARE!

The influence for todays post comes from the Facebook Advert shown above. When using “reputable” sites, we expect the site owner to look after us. Of course, that’s a false expectation – a site owner using advertising as a revenue stream is really only protecting one thing: Their bottom line. Instead of scaring you into […]

The importance of e-mail security

The most recent Ransomware to hit the streets, Maktub, encrypts your files in seconds. The main infection vector – the e-terrorist’s favourite – Email. Fake invoice letters were sent out, following the compromise of at least one online database. Those who opened documents / clicked on links were infected. Several organisations reputations are in danger, […]

First Post

So, it seems that a good place to start any IT blog is with a post about Security. The Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police – Essentially Great Britain’s most Senior Law Enforcement Officer – suggested that victims of bank fraud should not be reimbursed for their losses. Why? Because clearly victims of fraud have […]