We may use cookies to deliver parts of our service. These cookies may be used for the following purposes:

  • Storage of site preferences
  • Analytics
  • Authentication

All cookies issued are “First Party” cookies. That is, we only issue cookies for the domain Cookies will only work within the domain. They cannot “follow you” around the internet. Our analytics cookie will track your use of our website and services. If you have the “Do not track” setting enabled in your browser, we will not set any cookies for analytics. Other cookies (Site Preferences and Authentication) are essential for he running of the site.

Sharing data

We may have to share data with third parties to enable you to access certain parts of this website. We allow registration and login/comment via Twitter and Facebook. If you choose to log in via these services, we will need to share your details with Facebook or Twitter to provide authentication. In return, Twitter and Facebook will provide your Name (as it is displayed on your Twitter / Facebook account) and Profile Photo. Where you click “Share” or “Like” on a topic, again this data will be shared with Twitter / Facebook as necessary. Where you register locally with the site, we will hold this username and password in our database. We also record your IP address when you regisster, login or comment on the site.

We also make use of the Google reCaptcha system. This involved sharing some data with Google. Data shared with Google may include your IP address and details of any item you click on the reCaptcha image. No other identifying information is shared with Google.